So it’s 2016, well I’d like to usher it in by looking back at some of the highlights that made 2015 for me. I’m really thankful for the amazing opportunities and experiences that enriched the year. There’s lots more in store for 2016 and I’m excited to get started but for now here’s my gratitude list in pictures….

EGDs 2015 HIghlights

Pictures in order of appearance..

  1. Paperfest – the creative seminar with wise words spoken by Cath Kidston and many more..
  2. SE Art Trail – a snippet of Klimt Relief, just one of the works on show at the EGD Open Studio
  3. BBFA collective (artists Adelaide Damoah, Ayesha Feisal, Ibiye Camp, Jemimah Canegrati, Onomé Otite and I) at TEDxEuston
  4. EGDs Artbox London postcard donation
  5. My portrait as depicted by BBFA artist Jemimah Canegrati
  6. Researching the accessories market at Tranoi, Paris
  7. Striking a pose, image captured by photographer Kimberley Williams for  NNO’s ‘Who Taught You’ exhibition
  8. Business card newness designed by Lesley Brewster
  9. Sitting pretty as Co-Curator of the AACDD festival with the beaut-tastic (yasss that’s a word! 🙂 ) Creative Director, Abi Wright

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