A little later than planned (ok a lot!) but I just had to share what was one of the most amazing experiences of 2016 and my art career to date. And I thought what better way to do that than by foto!?!

It all began in Oct 2015 when I threw caution to the wind and sent in an application to win installation space at The Artist Project 2016 in Toronto, Canada.

EGDs fan will know all about my collab project with photographer and fellow textile artist Onomé Otite, ‘Frida and me’ (if you’re not in the know then click here..) well the plan was to bring ‘Frida and me’ part 2 to Canadian audiences.

With a lot of elbow grease, a fair few air miles and an amazing friend who shared her Toronto pad we were able to do just that.

I leave you now to experience the epic-ness that was our Frida and me, Artist Project 2016 Toronto experience, via insta style fotos…. Enjoy!


“PS: Huge thanks to Claire Taylor and the Artist Project team, the wonderful Torontonians who came, admired and left beautiful comments about our work, our sponsors Sheridan Nurseries and Quince Flowers, Chinedu Ukabam of Supafrik, for spreading the word, supporting and showing us around town, the wonderful and stunning Najla Nubyanluv for channelling Frida like only she could and bringing our intallation to life, my partner in crime – the super talented Onomé Otite (we did it!!!) and last but not least the beautiful, effervescent, cool ass chick Sulafa Silim, thank you for opening your home to us, we love you xxx”

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