Swedish Stockings

Did you know that every year two billion tights are made, worn once or twice and then thrown away? Not only is the process used to make nylon tights harmful to the environment but the fibre itself does not breakdown. None of which is good news for us or our planet.

Swedish Stockings are trying to be part of the solution. The sustainable hosiery brand’s mission is to influence and change the entire hosiery industry. They present luxury of the past by applying the techniques of the future.

Working with tights as medium, sustainability is naturally a concern that Nude Me addresses and so partnering with Swedish Stockings was a given. And we’ve come up with some exciting ways to collaborate that also involve you the public. Read on for more details…

Recycling Club:

Running till August 2019, I will be serving as a recycling collection point for Swedish Stockings . Click here to find out how you can donate your recycled tights.

Share Your Swedish Stocking Story:

To further inform my research I am inviting women 18 years + to share their stories/ memories centred around tights and Swedish Stockings are helping me collect. Want to play a special part in Nude Me by sharing your story? Then click here.