Tell Us Your Swedish Stocking Story

As part of my Swedish Stockings partnership we’re working together to tell your story!

My body of work, Nude Me/ Under the Skin is all about nude tights. While its primary focus centres on black women’s relationship with tights it also looks more widely at all women’s relationships in general.

To further inform my research I am inviting women 18 years  + to share your stories about how wearing tights makes you feel. In particular as a Swedish Stockings customer I want to know things like; why you chose Swedish Stockings as your tight brand, what you like about them and how it feels to slip on a pair. I’m also interested in your earliest memories of wearing tights, was it watching your mother slip on a pair as she got ready for work, for a party? Or perhaps it was the first time you wore them? Let me guess one of those woolly numbers that by the end of the school day had slipped so far down you had to wriggle them up quite unbecomingly! Be they funny anecdotes, feelings of empowerment or something more nostalgic and personal, whatever it is I’d be honoured if you’d share it with me.

With your permission snippets and key words that stand out in your stories will be used within my work. Swedish Stockings and I would also like to share a select few that really resonate with us via social media so if you’re online and want a shout out make sure to include your social handles :).

Feel like sharing? Then send your story by email to, remembering to state that Swedish Stockings, and I have your permission to use the content, add any social handles or advise if you wish to remain anonymous. That’s it, so get emailing and I look forward to receiving your stories :).

Thank You!

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